Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Little Chik Will Lead Them


Many bloggers, news people, and writers of all varieties have probably begun an article just like this one by starting with “another mass shooting has taken place.” This time, Orlando, Florida in a night club full of young and old, male and female, gay and straight. And this on the heels of a tragic shooting of an up and rising star on Friday night. This article is not for the purpose of promoting gun control, nor is it against one group or the other. 

 We all know the details now. Gunman walks into a crowded nightclub and starts shooting. Why? We don’t know. And as a result, 50 or more people lost their lives, and another 50 or more were treated for wounds.  Yesterday, we all mourned the loss of these lives as we know what it is like to lose someone dear to us. These people were mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, brothers, and sisters. They had close friends. Most of all, they mattered.

After I arrived home from work yesterday, I got on facebook. My emotions took over as I read hate-filled post after hate-filled post. Those on the left hating on Trump, on those not supporting the LGBT community, right-wing Christians, etc. Those on the right, hating on Hillary, Obama, gun control, Muslims and at the same time standing sanctimoniously with Jesus. I was so angry, so upset, and so sick of all this hate. Why can’t we all understand that hate is our problem? Hate is hate, no matter who/what you are hating. Only love can overcome that. What would Jesus do, after all?

Suddenly, I scrolled over an article and prayed with all my heart it was true. While thousands of people took to social media to criticize whichever side of the fence they were not on, a Chik-fil-a in Orlando quietly took to the streets to pass out food and drinks to those giving their blood. This is a company that makes a stand on their own beliefs by being closed on Sundays. They do not support same sex marriage. What would Jesus do? This. They opened up, cooked, and distributed food in a time of great need. They showed us by example we can disagree but still love each other. By the way…the story was indeed true. For more, click here: http://www.wftv.com/news/trending-now/orlando-chick-fil-a-store-supports-blood-donors-with-food-on-sunday/341509933

My cousin lives and works in Orlando. She was at the concert Friday night where Christina Grimmie was murdered in cold blood and was active in the aftermath of the Pulse shootings.
She says she was overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and the spirit of cooperation. So many volunteered to give blood, they ran out of supplies. The same thing happened after 911 and the Charleston shootings, just to name two…people came out and gave of themselves. Much hatred was aimed at a group, but ten times ten more love came to the rescue. What a world we could have if the love came first.

Dear readers, can you not understand that social media is not a place to spew hatred of any form? Can you not understand that hate added to hate is just more hate? Can you not understand that our media, our government, and those that are in control of our country – and our world – are purposely trying to distract us with hype while the real issues of hunger, poverty, lack of healthcare, homelessness, and injustices of every type should be our real focus? I would like to challenge each of us to take one moment of thought before we post on social media and ask ourselves if what we are posting promotes hate of any sort to anyone…even if you don’t agree with their politics, religion, or what they support.  I challenge myself and each of you to be able to disagree with each other without hating each other. We are one race…the human race…and much more alike than different. We all want to love and be loved. We all want to be accepted. At the root of all religions, the belief is the same: Love God and love each other. 

What would Jesus do? Follow the Chik (-fil-a)!

I would like to dedicate this article to my "God" Mother, Marian Starnes. Because of her, I think in terms of love, kindness, and cooperation. Because of her, I have done my best to remove judgement and hatred from my life. Because of her, I can disagree without hate. Because of her, I forgive myself and others. Because of her, I know peace. 

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