Sunday, May 20, 2012

What's Wrong is What's Right

We have been told since the day we made our entrance into this world all the things that are right with us and the things that are wrong with us.  Even before we had the knowledge of language, our parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and others were expressing that we were “just like our Mother” or “just like our Father” and often they were not talking solely about looks.  We picked up their energies as they approved and, especially, disapproved of our behaviors.  As we grew older, certain traits emerged to the forefront of whom we were…or who we thought we were. 
As adults, most of us know what is “wrong” with us.  We know that we are procrastinators, that we drink too much or have other addictions, that we lie to protect ourselves, that we are insensitive to others, that we can’t sustain relationships….the list is endless.  Yet, have you ever considered that what is “wrong” with you is actually what is “right” with you?  Yes, that deep dark thing that is your constant companion is actually your salvation!  That “thing” that you shun, ignore, flee from, that revolts you about yourself simply needs another perspective.  Look at it instead as your dear friend, a constant companion that is seeking your love and your attention. 
When you look at your challenges as something that is here to assist you in your life, you bring about a change in yourself.  This new perspective can then be used to benefit yourself and others.  For example, if it is addiction, know that this addiction is being used by you to learn something very valuable and something you could, in time, share with others.  Love and embrace it and ask it what it has to teach you.  Ask what is missing in your life that it is trying to fill.  In time, you will clearly see its role in your life and be able to lay it aside.  Then you can show others how to do the same.
If you are overly stubborn and will listen to no one about anything, the process is the same.  Love and embrace this stubbornness and ask what it has to teach you.  What purpose does it serve?  What is it fulfilling in you?  Maybe it is simply a mode you developed to protect yourself as a child.  The positive side of stubbornness is tenacity and tenacity is a trait that can serve us very well.
You may be more in touch with the spiritual world than most people.  No one ever believed you so you squashed this part of yourself to protect yourself from being ridiculed.  Perhaps you felt a great responsibility in giving others information from the spiritual world.  Yet, you know you could help others with your gift.  Embrace this part of yourself and ask what purpose it can serve. 
Deep inside each of us is a child.  As children, we become imprinted with the environment around us.  It is not your fault that you are the way you are but, it is your privilege to change that part of you if you want to.  We do not have to be victimized by our environments.  Love and embrace whatever it was as a child you received that you consider a fault, a challenge, a secret.  That is your salvation.  That is the thing that is here to teach you something very important.  That is the ticket to your creativity, your joy and your evolution. 
So, stop looking outside of yourself for who you are.  Don’t allow people from you past, present or future to live “rent free” in your head!  Everything you need is within your own self.  Everything you are dwells within.  Seek yourself and your answers there within the depths of your own self. 
Remember:  Everything they ever told you was wrong with you is what is right with you.  Embrace it.  Love it.  Heal it.  Share it with others.  Now, you are free.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

All Is Well

She felt a perfect sadness accompanying her through her day.  A non-specific sadness – a sadness without drama nor crying.  Just an old friend attempting to wriggle its way back into her heart.  She allowed it to sit for a while and plead its case.  But she knew this was one old friend that should not – could not – be allowed a real and permanent place inside.  So she observed, knowing eventually she’d ask it to leave and return to her magnificent efforts – her magnificent changes.
We all feel sad or down from time to time.  Don’t fight it….just allow it to move through you as you observe it.  Be with it.  Love it.  Remember you are not alone...your Angels watch over and protect you in all the moments of your life.  And give it a time limit.  If you are like me, long before the time limit is up, you will already be on to your next step.  Be kind to yourself.  Everything is o.k.  All is well.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Shift Happens

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about all the sayings, affirmations and lingo of the Spiritual world today.  The overriding theme is “your thoughts create your life”.  If one will just change their thought patterns and begin to believe that what they want is already theirs, it will be.  Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?  Yet changing a life time of habitual thinking is the most difficult task before us.
And what if this is not true?  When I was growing up, when my parents grew up, and possibly every generation since the US of A was formed, I was given a different message:  WORK hard and what you want will be yours.  (aka “the American Dream”)  So they worked hard and, for most of them, it paid off.  My parent’s generation bought homes for around 15,000 that are now worth 100,000!  They paid 500 for a car that would now be 10,000!  So how did all this change?
My thoughts on it are that for so many years, so many people believed the same thing…work hard and what you want will be yours.  But, shift happens, and there came a day when this adage could no longer be said with conviction.  People didn’t want to work hard and get what they wanted only to realize that they were too old, too tired or both to enjoy it and basically left it to the next generation to enjoy.  So what was our generation to do?  It was up to us to stop inequality for races, genders, sexual preferences, children, religions and all manner of dividing lines in our world.  We were more dreamers than doers, so we needed a new catch phrase and one that suited our needs.  We didn’t mind working, as long as it was fun and/or for a good cause.  So we stared visualizing what we wanted.  We became optimistic in the face of our country’s ruin.  The cost of our homes, our cars, our groceries and everything we consumed went up but our pay did not, at least not as fast as the cost of living.
Another element that is causing this shift in thought is that new evidence in the scientific community supports the theory of our thoughts creating our reality.  There is a paradigm shift from the body of scientific knowledge that has supported our theories for the past 300 years.  The studies in Noetic Science have now taken Quantum Physics to a new level.  Many studies have proven that a thought can affect reality.  If you are interested in this, simply google Noetic Science, or watch movies such as I AM by director Tom Shadyac or What the Bleep Do We Know.  Both cite many studies in Quantum Physics and the idea that thoughts create or change reality.  Author Lynn McTaggart also discusses this concept in her book “The Field”.  We all know that science changes over time.  For example, the earth is no longer flat, the planets revolve around the sun, and electricity is no longer considered “magic”.
Now, more and more people believe “your thoughts create your life”.  And guess what?  They do.  All it takes for anything to be true is for enough people to believe it.  Shift happens.