Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Shift Happens

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about all the sayings, affirmations and lingo of the Spiritual world today.  The overriding theme is “your thoughts create your life”.  If one will just change their thought patterns and begin to believe that what they want is already theirs, it will be.  Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?  Yet changing a life time of habitual thinking is the most difficult task before us.
And what if this is not true?  When I was growing up, when my parents grew up, and possibly every generation since the US of A was formed, I was given a different message:  WORK hard and what you want will be yours.  (aka “the American Dream”)  So they worked hard and, for most of them, it paid off.  My parent’s generation bought homes for around 15,000 that are now worth 100,000!  They paid 500 for a car that would now be 10,000!  So how did all this change?
My thoughts on it are that for so many years, so many people believed the same thing…work hard and what you want will be yours.  But, shift happens, and there came a day when this adage could no longer be said with conviction.  People didn’t want to work hard and get what they wanted only to realize that they were too old, too tired or both to enjoy it and basically left it to the next generation to enjoy.  So what was our generation to do?  It was up to us to stop inequality for races, genders, sexual preferences, children, religions and all manner of dividing lines in our world.  We were more dreamers than doers, so we needed a new catch phrase and one that suited our needs.  We didn’t mind working, as long as it was fun and/or for a good cause.  So we stared visualizing what we wanted.  We became optimistic in the face of our country’s ruin.  The cost of our homes, our cars, our groceries and everything we consumed went up but our pay did not, at least not as fast as the cost of living.
Another element that is causing this shift in thought is that new evidence in the scientific community supports the theory of our thoughts creating our reality.  There is a paradigm shift from the body of scientific knowledge that has supported our theories for the past 300 years.  The studies in Noetic Science have now taken Quantum Physics to a new level.  Many studies have proven that a thought can affect reality.  If you are interested in this, simply google Noetic Science, or watch movies such as I AM by director Tom Shadyac or What the Bleep Do We Know.  Both cite many studies in Quantum Physics and the idea that thoughts create or change reality.  Author Lynn McTaggart also discusses this concept in her book “The Field”.  We all know that science changes over time.  For example, the earth is no longer flat, the planets revolve around the sun, and electricity is no longer considered “magic”.
Now, more and more people believe “your thoughts create your life”.  And guess what?  They do.  All it takes for anything to be true is for enough people to believe it.  Shift happens.

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