Thursday, April 19, 2012

All Is Well

She felt a perfect sadness accompanying her through her day.  A non-specific sadness – a sadness without drama nor crying.  Just an old friend attempting to wriggle its way back into her heart.  She allowed it to sit for a while and plead its case.  But she knew this was one old friend that should not – could not – be allowed a real and permanent place inside.  So she observed, knowing eventually she’d ask it to leave and return to her magnificent efforts – her magnificent changes.
We all feel sad or down from time to time.  Don’t fight it….just allow it to move through you as you observe it.  Be with it.  Love it.  Remember you are not alone...your Angels watch over and protect you in all the moments of your life.  And give it a time limit.  If you are like me, long before the time limit is up, you will already be on to your next step.  Be kind to yourself.  Everything is o.k.  All is well.

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  1. Be kind to yourself is something I don't do....I do to everyone else. I needed this reminder. ..or should I say revelation.
    Love your journey journal. Thank you :)