Thursday, July 21, 2011


Do you believe in angels?  Most people do to some extent.  Certainly almost every religion in existence establishes the idea of angels as messengers of God.  However, most of us have never seen a glorious Angelic being with wings like drifts of snow, emanating light.  Most of us have not seen an angel such as Gabriel as described in the Bible in his epoch visit to Mary.
Most of us believe in angels because of an experience we or someone we know has had.  The story is something like this…in a moment of great need, someone or something appeared out of nowhere and leant a helping hand.  It could have been a stranger or someone known.  It is that moment of Divine Timing…something we could never have planned nor seen coming. ..when an “Earth Angel” appears and helps us out by giving us something.  It might be something material such as money, a ride, a gift or something as small as a smile or encouraging word that changes us in midstream.  Suddenly we know we are loved, protected, guided and we have the strength to move on.
Being open to receiving these gifts plays a role in how often we receive them.  I think by living our lives in an expected state of receiving miracles allow the Divine to help us even more.  Just as important is allowing the Divine to use us as Earth Angels.  By being ever ready to help others allows us to be used!  We could be called on to help a friend, family member or stranger.  By seeing ourselves as connected to each other and to the Divine brings ample opportunity.  Often we help others and never even know it, just as others help us and don’t know it. 
And what about animals?  Often they are used as angels too!  I like to think of them as “furry friends with wings”!!  The unconditional love of a pet or other animal is often the only love we might receive in a day.  Think of a time when the you came home from your day feeling so beat up and downcast, and your little dog or cat was waiting expectantly for you just to be with you and bless you with their love…no expectations included!!
Take opportunities to let others know when they uplift, encourage or otherwise help you.  Set an intention each day to help others no matter what you are doing.  Trust me, the opportunity will come.  Heaven needs all the Earth Angels it can muster!
So open yourself to Earth Angels!!  Open yourself to receiving their blessings!  BE an Earth Angel yourself!  Know that setting your intention for connection and helping others is all that it takes.  EXPECT MIRACLES EVERY DAY!  Soon, you will be amazed at how often your life is touched by one of these special people…and how often you have the opportunity to touch someone else.  LOVE.  SERVE.  REMEMBER.

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