Thursday, October 13, 2011


While driving around town over the past couple of days, I have begun to notice the first blush of color on the trees, reminding me that change is in the air!  Autumn is my favorite time of year…I love the cool, crispness of the air, the color of the light, the finger-like shadows that begin to form….all in anticipation of winter.  Crops are harvested, birds fly south, squirrels gather their nuts and we bring out our sweatshirts, jackets and boots.  I feel so blessed to live in an area that has true seasons.  They remind me that change is our most constant companion.  I have quoted my dear mother many times as she has observed, “Change is the only thing you can take to the bank.”!!
As I have been pondering the consistency of change in our world, I asked myself if there is anything – anything at all – that does NOT change.  The answer that came to me was Love.  Love is the one thing that is constant, my head told me, but I wondered if that was true.  So began my latest ambling down a path of discovery.
What I discovered was both simple and amazing.  I feel that unqualified Love does indeed remain the same.  It is always and readily available to all.  What does change, however, is US…and as we change, so does the meaning we assign to Love change.  The greater our capacity to love and accept ourselves, the greater our capacity to love and accept others.  As we begin to lift our judgments and expectations of ourselves, so we lift the judgments and expectations of others.  The result is a more pure and unconditional type of love that, prior to our self discovery, we just were not capable of attaining. 
Love does not change.  Yet our ability to define love and demonstrate love changes as we ourselves change.  Let the changing of the leaves, the changing of the light, the changing of the season remind us to be ever ready to change so that we may have a greater capacity to generate and demonstrate the steadfastness of LOVE.

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