Tuesday, March 10, 2015

You Are Wonderful

We all have a past.  Most of us have things in our past of which we are ashamed, feel guilt, feel regret, or feel remorse.  It is just what happens over the course of our lives.  These times are usually the moments in which we learn.  Hopefully, our mistakes teach us what not to do in the future.

I recently found myself thinking about certain things from my past and categorizing them, such as, “that was ok”, “that was bad”, “I should have never done that”, “that was one of my worst mistakes”, and so on.  I am very hard on myself in that way, all too often.  And though I would offer this word of advice (which is attributed to Maya Angelou, but was told to me long ago by my Spiritual Mentor) to others, “you did the best you could, and when you knew better, you did better”, I was not so forgiving of myself.  As I was lingering with these thoughts, I suddenly realized that each and every one of those past events about which I was feeling so despondent, were actually the stepping stones to bring me to the moment in which I now find myself!  I saw and understood that I should look at my past self as I would my own family and friends:  with a forgiving and loving nature.  By sending love to my past self, I could heal those “mistakes”, learn from them, and become even more of the person I strive to be.  I realized that I am happy with the person I have become, and even though I am a work in progress, I do act in a manner that is in keeping with my beliefs.

It has become a habit for me to remain alert to the signs that come my way.  I anticipate signs and signals from God, my angels, the Universe, or whatever name you prefer for that higher power, that intuition, that still small voice.  As a result, I receive them a lot!  

After a very cold and wet winter in NC where I live, a warm day arrived recently to remind me that Spring is close at hand.  I took my pup, Zoey, to our local park and walked the well-known path.  I had those thoughts on my mind about forgiving my past, about loving my past self, and about the progress I have made in my life.  As I rounded a curve in the path, there, written across were the words, “YOU ARE WONDERFUL”!!  Some beautiful, sweet soul had allowed his or her self to be used to provide encouragement for me and probably many others.  I took it as my sign, and hope in the reading of this, you will accept it as yours.  For just where you are right now in your journey with all your flaws, your past, and your magnificence, YOU ARE WONDERFUL!  Love yourself more fully, and you will find your ability to love others will expand. 

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