Monday, June 8, 2015

We the People

We The People
Rarely ever do I speak out on the subject of politics.  As Leon Russell says in his song, “Magic Mirror”, “the left ones think I’m right, and the right ones think I’m wrong” which I think basically means that no one can agree. However, today I feel compelled to speak out.

 For many years, I have felt that our bipartisan system is just too extreme, and no one attempts to compromise and come to a middle ground for the good of all.  As a matter of fact, it seems no one can agree on what is for the good of all, so we head to our perspective corners with our arms crossed.

With the advent of social media, this situation seems to keep getting worse and worse.  And we, the American people, seem to care less and less.  We allow laws to be made and enacted that we would never support!  But we just get so tired of it all, that we become complacent.  Our forefathers were not complacent!  If they had been, we certainly would not have the country we have today.  Even with all of the issues we have right now, it is still a great country which affords us freedoms for which so many long.

Our media bombards us with hype on a day to day basis.  It encourages polarization between races, genders, sexual orientations, religion, and the haves and have nots.  Our middle class is all but dissolved.  All we hear and see gives rise to us taking a strong position on one side or the other of this fence.  It is often presented to us to cause emotionally charged stances, rather than middle-of-the-road solutions.  

It is time to WAKE UP!  These “issues” with which the media is bombarding us are just distracting us from focusing on the real challenges.  While we are now aware of everything about Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner, we are not focused on demanding labeling for our foods.  While we have decided where fault lies between George Zimmerman and Treyvon Martin, we are supporting people that are being bought and sold by companies that support fossil fuel usage.  We are complacent about abuse of people and animals in our country.  The media twists and turns and spins stories that merely serve to distract us from our larger problems:  food, energy; infrastructure; compassion; healthcare; and making this country a leader in education, invention, and progress.

Marianne Williamson ran for a seat in congress in California.  Although she lost, she introduced something very important into our vocabulary:  politics of consciousness or politics of the heart.  This is our future.  We must come together to create laws that help sustain our foods by forcing labeling and stopping the use of GMO’s.  (  We must come together to elect officials to implement sustainable energy options.  We must come together for alternatives to fossil fuel transportation which are already out there! We must come together for healthcare, not for pharmaceutical or insurance companies to get rich, but for real cures for our disease-ridden people! We must come together to force investment in our children’s education…not as sheep that can pass a test, but thinkers, doers, inventors.  No matter what your political preference, aren’t these issues upon which we can all agree?

By coming together on these and other important issues, by replacing many of our political “leaders” from those that are merely “yes men” for large corporations, and by living from our hearts, we will by default become more tolerant of each other and our differences.  If we work side by side to change this country from a country of sleeping victims to a country of promoters of positive change, our differences will no longer seem so great, but instead WE THE PEOPLE will bring about a new paradigm that can move us into a future of promise, of freedom, of tolerance, of peace.  

Here is a small list of some things you can do to support making a difference!  Most of all, live mindfully and go where your heart leads you.
1.    Reuse/recycle
2.    Call your local leaders and express your concerns
3.    VOTE for politicians intent on positive change
4.    Collect food for foodbanks/take leftovers to a soup kitchen
5.    Adopt/rescue/foster/donate to animals
6.    Grow a garden/support your local farmer’s market
7.    Stop using plastic bags/bottles
8.    Become a mentor for a child
9.    SMILE – give at least one away every day
10. Be the change you wish to see in the world (Gandhi)

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  1. Great article.! Well written and on point. You should think about running for office or writing for someone who does!