Thursday, August 18, 2011

Crutches Have Their Purpose

Trine Meyer Vogsland
I haven’t been doing a lot of dreaming recently until the past couple of nights.  I’ve really missed it!  I feel dreams send us symbolic messages and often foretell of upcoming events…but I’ll save all that for another day!  Last night I had a dream, and as I related it to a friend on rising, I also realized its significance.  Of course, there are always event s to both precede and follow the gist of the dream, so I will stick to the sticking point!
In the dream, I was going from one end of town to another…in the middle was a “bad section” and it was getting dark, foggy and rainy.  I had begun my journey in a car, but as I approached this “bad” area, I started to walk and use crutches.  Just as it was turning the darkest, I was about to have to go through a tunnel.  A person appeared to me that was very bright (I feel now an angel) and told me that I should not go into the tunnel on crutches, as there were people in there that would want “favors” from me.  I told him that I didn’t really need the crutches, and that I just use them on occasion so that I can more easily relate to others that need them.  He seemed pleased.  I told him that I had forgotten I was actually a great runner and could just run around the area and get where I needed to be quite easily.  He smiled, and with that I tucked the crutches under my arm and began to run.  Right before I could get going, a man grabbed me from behind and had bad intentions.  I realized I could just use the crutches to beat him back, and began to run freely….swiftly…toward my destination.
Wow…think of the symbolism here!  The thing that hit me most was that I did not need the “crutches”…that I only use them to relate to others that also needed them!  As I thought about this, I realized it was another piece of a message I have been getting about “everything they say is wrong with you is what is right with you” and “use your perceived failures as your successes”.  My crutches in life, I think, are my perceived failures…the areas in my life I fall back on time and again….the things I really want to change about my life and, as advised,  am focusing on the thoughts I have surrounding them.  But, according to what I said in the dream, they are not failures at all!  I only use them so I can relate to others that are going through similar situations.  Maybe I need these experiences to help others, which I do feel certain is my main objective in life.  I am really able to run freely and create any and all experiences that I want….but without the crutches, I am unable to fulfill my true mission of helping others in a the way meant for me.
In other words, I previously mentioned in a blog that I often have to fight the feelings that I have failed at love, at finances, at jobs, and struggled with addictions of various and sundry types.  These are the crutches that have given me a knowledge that allows to me relate to others that feel the same.  And let’s face it…the world is full of people that feel that have failed in these and so many other ways. 
And I loved the “angel” in my dream.  He was so bright compared to the darkness around me.  Although he did not have wings and was dressed in something like khaki’s, oxford shirt and sweater vest, he was LOVING and SUPPORTIVE of me and my situation….no judgment at all. 
So, look at your failures…your crutches…and know they are there to serve you in some manner.  Remember that you are actually a free running spirit that can easily arrive at your destination.  You have an angel to help you.  And you can use those crutches to beat back anyone or anything that intends to harm you! 

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