Thursday, August 11, 2011

Move On

I don’t ever like writing about anything remotely negative unless there is an “AHA” at the end.  Yet, I must say, life is very challenging right now.  I know I’m not alone.  Jobs, security, bills, and endless changes are all culprits playing their roles.  Sometimes the effort to remain positive makes me think I will break.  Yes, I am aware it should not be an effort!
I have been going through many journals of mine that I have kept over my life.  I began writing as a teen and have not yet stopped!!  It has been my great joy and I am happy that I now am no longer afraid to share my thoughts.  I have been transferring my poetry to my computer as well as posting it on another blog ( even though I still get butterflies each time I post one!  Yet, I keep in mind the saying, “what would you do if you were not afraid” and continue.
In one journal today, I also found some entries about a former love.  Oh, the angst, the ups and downs, the rationalizations, the striving to ascend to a higher love!  I now also wonder what part hormones played in the whole affair as I did reference them from time to time!!  After reading them, I tore them out and threw them away…I don’t live there anymore. 
All that reading and reminiscing caused me to, once again, take inventory of where I’ve been, what I’ve done, and the places in my life where I have “failed” and “succeeded”.  Although I was twice married, I feel I “failed” at love.  Only one man from my life I feel truly loved (and still loves) me.  I’ve never been able to get my finances in order in the way I’d like to have.  I have had some great jobs, but they have ended…was that my fault also?  So the big “FAIL” has once again been upon me.  Yes, that is all passed.  Yes, it is never too late.  Yes, I only have the moment.  Sometimes, that is just cold comfort, no matter how much I “know”.
Then, my granddaughter, Sarah, came to me and told me she had written a new poem.  She is a chip off the old block, after all, and a source of PURE JOY in my life.  After I read it, I realized that I was indeed getting my message from above.  I remembered that each “fail” is necessary before true “success” can be obtained.  I remembered that “all is well” and “I am safe”.  I remembered to surrender…to let go…things will work out.  I share it with you below.  No further comments will be needed! 
Move On
The past is the past for a reason
That is where it is supposed to stay
But some cannot let it go
In their head it eats away

Until all their focus becomes
The person that they used to be
The mistakes they made in their life
Oh if only they could see

That you cannot change what happened
No matter how hard you try
No matter how much you think about it
No matter how much you cry

What happens in your lifetime
Happens for reasons unknown
So you have to let the cards unfold
Let your story be shown

Don't get wrapped up in the negative
Be happy with what you have been given
Live for today not tomorrow
Get up, get out and start living

Cause the past is the past for a reason
It's been and now it is gone
So stop trying to think of ways to fix it
It's done, it's unchangeable, move on

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  1. I'm loving your writing Nancy. Thank you for allowing me to be a follower. <3 Raquel