Monday, June 6, 2011

AHA Never Stops

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I do so miss Oprah, especially the AHA moments of which she was so fond.  She loved doing the shows where she would get folks to share their own AHA’s, which had been inspired by one of her shows.  I’ve had several while watching, but can never think of what they were when she does the “call” for such!  And I have plenty of them without Oprah too!  Frankly, I’m often amazed at how many layers of ego, of personality, of ignorance, of imbalance there are to a person.  The person, of whom I am speaking, of course, is me!  I now understand that the learning – the peeling of layers - never stops for an entire lifetime!  When I was young, I thought at some point in life one “arrived”.  Now I understand there is no destination, just a journey!  As Robert Frost said, “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life:  it goes on.”
AHA moments can occur anywhere, anytime, and be brought on in any situation.  Something happens to spark a memory, change a perspective, acquire a deeper meaning to a situation, and then forces us to evolve spiritually.
I had my own AHA this week when I realized I was harboring a judgment against someone.  I actually saw a picture of her and her husband…still happy and together after many years.  I smiled remembering their wedding and how young and different things were then.  I too have been married, had children and so wanted the Cinderella story…but, that is not what I chose for my life.  Chose?  Really?  I know it’s practically impossible to imagine that I would have chosen my life, but, indeed I did.  And so did you.  Don’t like what you’ve chosen?  Neither did I.   So the obvious solution was to make another choice.  And so I did, and so I continue to do. 
But back to my AHA….I saw my friends still so happy after all this time.  I smiled to myself and thought about how happy I am for them.  Then I suddenly realized I was harboring an ill feeling that was totally stemming from an assumption I had made about a situation.  I asked myself and in spirit, my friend for forgiveness.  Suddenly I could see several such situations with various people.  As I followed each one down, I realized that each situation had been perceived as personal to me…I had made an assumption about something…I held some hardness in my heart toward that person as a result.  One by one, I went to them in spirit and asked forgiveness.  I forgave myself and thought of the wasted time and blocked energy I was carrying around.  I realized that I avow that it’s never too late to be a good (fill in the blank….parent, friend, spouse, etc.).  If I allow that of myself, how much more should I allow it to others?
Though sometimes I whine and complain that I’m weary of all this peeling back of layers, I know that if I’ll keep at it, some wonderful treasure will eventually be revealed.  Hopefully a few already have.  Maybe when the biggest AHA occurs, that is the moment the physical can no longer contain us and we must continue on in Spirit.   Still, I’m MOST happy to keep on peeling for a while and having many AHA’s on the way!!

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