Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Daily Dose of Inspiration

May 29, 2011.  Today I began a new facebook fan page…Daily Dose of Inspiration.  It has been an interesting unfolding process.  For a while now, I have been focused on following my joy.  I check in with my emotional self to discover what is/is not bringing me joy.  For me, and I’m sure for many, what seems to bring me the most joy is inspiration of some type.  It can come in so many forms…often unexpected…such as quotes, poems, songs, video, anyone or anything has the potential to inspire!  Now that I realize how good this makes me feel, I stay alert and expectant for such moments in my life.  They usually arise out of some synchronistic moment when I’ve just gone or done what I felt like rather than some well thought out moment…when I’m in the flow.
I had already begun posting some of these moments on my personal fb page….and most of the time I received likes and/or comments.  I know what it is like to be feeling down, sit down to the computer, bring up facebook and see a post of some sort that can change my entire day.  But my page is also there to support friends, family and other business interests such as posts relating to Massage Therapy.  I had been toying with an idea that was not quite yet formed as to how to isolate inspiration on a page.  The gelling of these ideas came together last week during a news broadcast on a local minister’s page that now has over 5 million followers!  I visited the page to see what it was, and it was basically what I had in mind other than a different focus.  Over the past week, my journal has filled up with ideas on the formation of the page and its various components.  I had initially wanted to name it “Daily Inspirations” but found that was already being used by searching on fb.  I began writing down various names and finally stumbled upon “Daily Dose of Inspiration”.  When I was growing up, our local radio station (92.3?) always played your “daily dose of Beatles”. 
I have no aspirations for this page.  I am doing it for myself.  I have found that if I pass along something that inspires someone, it comes back to me 100 times over.  So if even 1 person is inspired 1 time, I’m so fully blessed!  Let the inspiration begin!  www.facebook.com/dailydoseofinspiration

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  1. Very well said!!! You have inspired me Nancy, like you have so often throughout the years that I have known you! We are totally in sync! I am grateful to you! You're a blessing and kindred spirit to me! Lets stay in the flow and continue to honor our path and journey! Namaste!