Monday, June 20, 2011

Be In Love

Photo by Simone Lipscomb

I used to live in the beautiful mountains of NC.  From the front room, I had a perfect view of a mountain.  Season after season passed and I observed the mountain as each one passed.  I saw the fresh green and flowerings of spring, the deep and lush greens of summer, the array of yellows, reds, and oranges of fall and finally, the contrast of dark branches and snows of winter.  No matter what time of year it was, there was always beauty to behold.  Even during the winter, when each little perfect imperfection could be seen, it was still the mountain and still beautiful.  I loved each season equally. 
I think of this mountain on occasion and realize how like my family and friends this mountain is.  I see them in their beautiful new, freshness with their flowery personalities.  I see them in their full ripeness during their “summers”, all dressed up and rich with beauty.  They turn colors like the fall leaves, and even though this is a time that foretells of being dormant, the colors are just dazzling.  Then their “winter” comes…they are laid bare with each imperfection visible.  Yet they are the same beautiful being during this time as during the times of their showy beauty.  I love them no less…for a person, like a mountain, has many layers and personalities to show.  Even when the imperfections are the most visible, the beauty remains and will return in another season.

Image by Idea Go

Don’t discard your friends and/or family when they lay bare their imperfections.  Know that their beauty is still within them, just dormant for a spell.  Let not your love depend on what they may be going through at any given time…let your love be unconditional upon what they are going through.  Love and support them even if they are upset with you or you are upset with them.  Love them even when you cannot agree with them.  Be in love with them no matter what the circumstances…even if they do not return the love.  Just like you, they are evolving and changing…give them the benefit of the doubt.  Don’t cast them in old and worn out roles that they no longer play.  Their season will change, and they will once again flower, bloom, sparkle and support you.  Life is ever changing just like the seasons that were reflected in my mountain.  All of us constantly re-invent ourselves based on what we have learned.  Be kind.  Be compassionate.  Be in love. 

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  1. Beautiful Nancy. Wonderful reminders as well. We all have our imperfections and yet we are lovable. YES!