Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Begin

Welcome to my first blogging attempt!  Safe Thus Far is all about the joy of life through inspiration!  Yes, my life has been full of happiness/sadness, success/failure, birth/death, highs/lows, wealth/poverty, laughter/tears, and most any other human condition that comes to mind.  See, I am just like you…all of you, all of us want the same basic things in life…to love and be loved, to matter, to be accepted in spite of imperfections.  I am on a path of discovering what is bringing joy into my life.  When I ponder this, I realize that the thing that brings me the most joy is simply inspiration….both the receiving and giving of such.  Inspiration can be found in the most simple of life’s gifts…a child, nature, a quote on facebook,  an Oprah show, the cashier at Walmart...any and every place one looks has the potential for inspiration!!
This blog will be used to reflect on the things in my life that bring me this joy through inspiration.  It could be a song, a poem, a book, a movie, a quote, an interaction with someone, a flower, a garden, a trip….the possibilities are endless.  Spirit, or Universe, or whatever your favorite name for “God” may be, is the number one Source of Inspiration and Joy.  And in believing that spark of creation is contained in ALL THAT IS, it is even easier to find Inspiration in each and every moment.
Now, I haven’t always been able to see this Inspiration in all things….and still have days of wondering where in the world it is hiding!  But, wander down my path with me and we will see what is offered to us each day.  “Life’s a journey, not a destination” are the words to a popular rock song by Aerosmith.  My journey is now to discover what brings joy and inspiration to me…and to eliminate what does not.  I honestly have no goal nor direction in mind, but I look forward to each step!

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