Thursday, May 26, 2011


This morning I read one of the blogs I follow, that of Simone Lipscomb.  Simone has been following, documenting, volunteering, and keeping us up to date on the Gulf Oil Spill.  Her writings and pictures have shown us firsthand what has happened and is continuing to happen in the Gulf Coast area.  Her blog from a few days ago has to do with the anger she has felt against those in charge of the decision making for this horrific event.  She recognizes the reason that these types of accidents happen is because people are not connected to each other and to our Mother Earth.  We see ourselves as separate from the Earth and from each other, when in reality, we are all connected by Life itself.  Simone spoke of imagining herself in a board room with the executives, whose decisions have left our Gulf in a mess, and going in and seeing herself connected and forgiving to them.  Very powerful stuff, Simone.
I think that if we were to look into the heart and soul of these individuals we would find that they did not have bad intentions to Mother Earth, but rather ignorance….the ignorance of perceived separation.  They did not set out to cause a major oil spill for our planet, nor were they thinking of how much money they were making.  They were merely “doing their jobs”.  And let’s face it….this disaster was not the result of one decision in a board room, but a momentum begun many years ago!  I applaud Simone for her recognition that she and those executives are connected and her offering of forgiveness to them.
Isn’t this true of any given situation in our lives?  When people hurt us, are inconsiderate, disrespectful, and grouchy to us, it is usually not their intention to act in such a manner to us personally.  It is usually that they are going through something in their own life that is causing their behavior.  And when we act  in like manner to others, it is rarely our intention to do so….we are dealing with something in our own life.  If we could just keep our focus on our connection to each other…to see each person as ourselves…to act lovingly and kindly to each and every person, animal, and to our Earth, I believe our world would change immediately.  Make each and every act an act of loving intention and see how your world changes.
Please check out Simone’s blog:  Pictures courtesy of Simone Lipscomb; used with permission.

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