Friday, May 27, 2011

Plowing Through

Sometimes we just have days that seem like a struggle.  There is nothing "wrong" with this...every day just can't be sunshine and butterflies.  Some days we just have to take a deep breath and plow through.  We are creatures of, black/white, love/fear, up/down....that is our world and it is perfect for us!  Yet on those days that seem difficult, we can plow through with our heads down or plow through with our heads up!!  It is our choice.  We can choose to bask in our depression, feed it, and wonder why we are here...or choose to keep looking up even while going through a less than perfect day.   It's ok to have a "down" day.  But it's easier to get through these days if we just allow ourselves to keep our heads up even if our spirits are down!!

So how do we keep looking up while feeling down?  What works best for me is to simply start a list of the people/things in my life for which I feel grateful.   Usually long before I can finish my list, the spell is broken and I'm back to the sunshine and butterflies...or at least no longer in the pits of despair!  We've heard it a thousand times..."get in the attitude of gratitude" and know that "this too shall pass". A spiritual mentor once told me that the Bible says "...and it came to pass..." because it didn't come to stay!!

Thanks to Sue, Gerald and the mentor (Marian Starnes) for the inspiration!!  Used by permission.

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