Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I find it only fitting that on this, the last day of Oprah’s show, I acknowledge and honor her.  As this blog is about the people and things that inspire me, Oprah is certainly part of the list!  No need to expound on her amazing life story or of the good she does in this world….everyone knows that!  What makes Oprah unique to me is the passion with which she lives her life.  This “work in progress” has stepped up to the plate over and over again through the years, and we, the TV viewers, have had a front row seat to her spiritual evolution.  Oprah follows her heart.  She believes in the moment that presents itself as an opportunity for growth and change.  It doesn’t always work out perfectly….but that’s the perfection of it all!!
I hope (and feel certain) that Oprah knows that I represent the majority of her audience.  We tune in and/or TiVo her show every day.  We watch most of the re-runs because they were so good the first time.  We aren’t recognized as the “Ultimate Viewers” but we should be.  We aren’t the ones that burn up the email, but we would be.  We aren’t the ones that attended the shows, but we could be.  But what we all did was learn to feel validated, break free, become courageous, give more, be more and just be grateful for our lives. 
Thank you, Oprah and congratulations on 25 seasons of your show.  You are an amazing woman – a woman to be admired and emulated.  I wish you all the best in your next endeavors!  I’m certain that whatever you do, you will continue to inspire us.

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